• 18-19 OCTOBER, 2023 · BARCELONA


Thanks to a group of brave, renegade firestarters, the first Pharmageddon event was a genuine success. We got much deeper and further than events typically do, and we redesigned new ways of doing life sciences. Thank you to the many people who were brave enough to stand up and say that we can do much more for both pharma and patients.

This website still represents the 2023 event held on October 18-19. However, it will be updated soon with details of Pharmageddon USA and our next European event.

Til then, don’t forget to start some new fires.

— Paul, Noreen and the impatient pyromaniacs.

For disruptors in life sciences.

Sometimes, you have to break things down before you can build them up again.

Pharmageddon is a 2-day innovation experience, designed to dismantle our assumptions about the status quo and recreate a better industry for patients, HCPs, and ourselves. You will collaborate with your peers and customers to take pharma apart, and build it back better.

At this event, there will be no-one reading off last week’s press release. Expect sharp insights, combined with hands-on sessions, where you’ll work with innovation techniques to actually solve your issues.

Who's speaking?

Conferences typically feature keynote CEOs who don’t say more than what’s written on last week’s press release. We host a much more interesting crowd. The crowd you really want to meet. Look who has already registered:

  • Alexey Cherchago
  • Anthony Yanni
  • Colin Sims
  • Davidek Herron
  • Tiana Homsani
  • Emma Sutcliffe
  • Alex White
  • Andreas Gerloff
  • Markus Kropf
  • Cristiana Calderelli
  • Cyril Mandry
  • Chad Stewart
  • Heléna Bargiel
  • Carole Scrafton
  • Thilo Kölzer
  • Deirdre BeVard
  • Emma Booth
  • Susie Barnes
  • Patrick Markt-Niederreiter
  • Mostafa Taha
  • Stefan König
  • Maja Beilmann-Schramm
  • Goran Martinovic
  • Jennifer Villagarcia
  • Andrew Binns
  • Jonas Cosendai
  • Christoph Koenen
  • Charlie Hopkins
  • Drew Macgregor
  • Lutz Bonacker
  • José Ma. (Chema) Guido Avila
  • Kate Bradford
  • Jayne Gershkowitz
  • Adela Schulz
  • Michael Vorbrink
  • Alex Artyomenko
  • Caoimhe Vallely-Gilroy
  • Erasmus Holm
  • Haider Alleg
  • Jessica Shull
  • Kevin Dolgin
  • Lorna Pender
  • Richard Habis
  • Rina Newton
  • Robert Hite
  • Sjaak Vink
  • Tamara Hussong Milagre
  • Teresa Ferreiro

Alexey Cherchago, SVP, Head of Global Commercial Excellence, Glenmark

Alexey Cherchago is an influential figure in the realm of global commercial excellence. With a rich career spanning over two decades, he has developed a keen expertise in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, specialty chemicals, and IT domains.

Presently serving as the Senior Vice President and Head of Global Commercial Excellence at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Alexey has been instrumental in honing commercial processes since 2022. Prior to this, he displayed exceptional leadership as Head of Sales Excellence Europe at Sandoz, where he improved the effectiveness and efficiency of customer-facing functions across Europe.

His journey is further distinguished by his tenure as a Six Sigma Black Belt certified Project Manager at Clariant, where he led initiatives to augment commercial processes, and as an Associate Director at Grünenthal, where he ensured harmony in field force related business processes across various regions.

Alexey's prowess extends to coaching, training, KPIs, CRM systems, account planning, territory alignment, and designing new commercial models, all of which contribute to his authoritative image in the industry. His profound industry insight, strategic foresight, and hands-on approach to commercial excellence make him an adept leader capable of driving business success.

What you’ll learn.

Innovation and creativity can be learned and practised. Over two days, we’ll guide you through a fresh approach to problem solving and innovation, designed specifically for pharma.

You’ll have new frameworks and techniques to apply to the specific challenges you’re facing at home, and you’ll feel empowered to put them into action.

These include:

Innovation leadership

The art of problem discovery

Learn to use systems thinking to break apart complex problems and locate the real root of the issue.

Innovation leadership

Innovation leadership

Content must be compelling. Devise new customer platforms that HCPs get passionate about - and graduate from omnichannel to omnipresent.

The science of storytelling

The science of storytelling

Sharpen your skills in persuasion - and learn how to create a narrative that convinces - whether you’re changing the mind of an internal or external decision maker.

Make it make (business) sense

Make it make (business) sense

Leadership is making the right call with limited resources. Channel your inner ‘Shark Tank’ by learning how to assess your business case to make the right investment calls.

  • 250 Disruptors in one room
  • 0 Vendor presentations
  • 30 Project teams
  • 50 Life science companies
  • 20 Patient consultants
  • 1 Impactful experience

An experience, not a conference

Combining the most useful elements of human-centred design, evolutionary biology, concept ideation and agile methodology, this event will guide small project teams, composed of creative thinkers, through exercises and scenarios designed to tackle our biggest challenges. By the end of the experience we’ll have co-created multiple innovative, patient-focussed solutions.

Pharma is still an immature industry. Can we evolve into our potential?


Put that many smart minds in one room, and it’d be crazy just to sit passively next to them. By designing challenging exercises we will ensure everyone hits their full potential.

We’ve searched for Barcelona’s most other-wordly venue, and we believe we’ve found it. Join us where it’ll be impossible to stay in the world you’re used to.

We know the only constant is change, and uncertainty is here to stay. Learn innovation management techniques that are suited to today’s environment and the needs of HCPs and patients.

Welcome to the Impatient Studio

Explore more ambitious goals and drive change through understanding emerging technologies, human and sociological trends

Empower teams to think beyond communication and into true innovation, resulting in practical solutions to complex problems.

Speculative tools allow you to explore potential future scenarios and influences. Identify new opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

Gain deeper understanding of the needs of customers and stakeholders to develop solutions in more impactful ways.

Anticipate changes, quickly prototype ideas, validate, move faster and make decisions based on data rather than assumptions. Much more than agility!

Experience the methodology for yourself and see how the mindset shift enables different possibilities to come into focus, empowering teams.

Who is Pharmageddon for?

Commercial leaders must find new engagement paradigms for HCPs whilst empowering a more entrepreneurial workforce. In many cases headcount will be cut in 2023 and we will need much more from every retained role.

Medical affairs isn’t just going from support to strategic, it’s the nexus of data and decision-making. Medical leaders must set the scientific narrative and become the primary relationship-builders without compromising authenticity.

Marketing executives should consider omnichannel as the starting point for new narratives, inspiring both HCPs and patients to take responsibility and achieve a new standard of care.

Digital Health pioneers are the key to holistic healthcare in the modern age. But bringing impactful projects to life has more to do with strategy than sizzle if we are to really influence patient outcomes.

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