• 18-19 OCTOBER, 2023 · BARCELONA

For disruptors in life sciences.

Sometimes, you have to break things down before you can build them up again.

Pharmageddon is a brand new event, designed to dismantle our assumptions about the status quo and recreate a better industry for patients, HCPs and ourselves.

This is not a conference. Instead of testing your stamina by struggling through dozens of vendor presentations, you’ll work in cross-functional teams to devise solutions that are bigger and better than you ever got to work on before now. But beware! This event is only for those prepared to use their imagination, to experiment, and push outside their comfort zone.


Go big or go home.

Over two days, you will experience the Impatient innovation process. Part speculative design, part design sprint, part change management, you will learn a methodology that you’ll be able to apply back at home to deliver more ambitious goals. Built for life sciences leaders that want to ensure that commercial and medical teams become innovators rather than simply communicators, you’ll be surprised at how you’re able to create novel yet pragmatic solutions. To learn more, click here.

Content must be compelling. Devise new customer platforms that HCPs get passionate about - and graduate from omnichannel to omnipresent.

Devise new joint ventures with stakeholders, patients and health systems that volunteer data, uncover insights and create win-win-wins.

Digital transformation is dead. Design new organisational structures that break commercial-medical silos, boost equity and enable rapid iteration with patients.

  • 250 Disruptors in one room
  • 0 Vendor presentations
  • 30 Project teams
  • 50 Life science companies
  • 20 Patient consultants
  • 1 Impactful experience

An experience, not a conference

Combining the most useful elements of human-centred design, evolutionary biology, concept ideation and agile methodology, this event will guide small project teams, composed of creative thinkers, through exercises and scenarios designed to tackle our biggest challenges. By the end of the experience we’ll have co-created multiple innovative, patient-focussed solutions.


Pharma is still an immature industry. Can we evolve into our potential?


Put that many smart minds in one room, and it’d be crazy just to sit passively next to them. By designing challenging exercises we will ensure everyone hits their full potential.

We’ve searched for Barcelona’s most other-wordly venue, and we believe we’ve found it. Join us where it’ll be impossible to stay in the world you’re used to.

We know the only constant is change, and uncertainty is here to stay. Learn innovation management techniques that are suited to today’s environment and the needs of HCPs and patients.

Welcome to the Impatient Studio

Explore more ambitious goals and drive change through understanding emerging technologies, human and sociological trends

Empower teams to think beyond communication and into true innovation, resulting in practical solutions to complex problems.

Speculative tools allow you to explore potential future scenarios and influences. Identify new opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

Gain deeper understanding of the needs of customers and stakeholders to develop solutions in more impactful ways.

Anticipate changes, quickly prototype ideas, validate, move faster and make decisions based on data rather than assumptions. Much more than agility!

Experience the methodology for yourself and see how the mindset shift enables different possibilities to come into focus, empowering teams.

Who’s attending?

Conferences typically feature keynote CEOs who don’t say more than what’s written on last week’s press release. We host a much more interesting crowd. The crowd you really want to meet. Look who has already registered:

  • Paul Simms
  • Erasmus Holm
  • Irina Osovskaya
  • Helena Bargiel
  • Tiana Homsani
  • Philippe Barillon
  • Patrick Markt
  • Haider Alleg
  • Emma Booth
  • Florent Edouard
  • Mostafa Taha
  • Cyril Mandry
  • Heather Moses
  • Davidek Herron
  • Aleja Betancourt
  • Christoph Pontasch
  • Rasmus Just

Paul Simms, Chief Executive, Impatient Health

Paul recently established Impatient Health, a cross between a think-tank, a consultancy and a design studio for pharma, with more than 25 clients looking to redesign how value can be created in life sciences. He is sometimes known as the ‘pharma provocateur’ for his role in provoking and rethinking business models. His industry journey started in June 2003 with ‘eyeforpharma’, an organisation which he quickly grew into the pharmaceutical industry’s most influential event organiser, acquired by Reuters in 2019. CEOs and disruptors regularly featured on Paul’s stages, especially at flagship events in Barcelona, Philadelphia, Tokyo and Sydney. Paul also devised and managed the only pharmaceutical award ceremony to focus on patient and healthcare value.

Paul has recently presented at companies including AstraZeneca, Roche, Merck, Leo, AbbVie, Abbott, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi and Takeda. He chairs approximately 20 webinars per year, each with audiences of between 500 and 2500. He has perhaps the largest contact book in the pharmaceutical industry, covering all major companies at C-level. Paul also co-founded The Aurora Project, a non-profit designed to make patient centricity more commonplace within pharmaceuticals. He is an Advisory Board member at and a Trustee at patient charity Fibro Flutters.


The Venue.

Estacio Espai Gatronomic

Av. del Marquès de l'Argentera, 6, 8, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

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Who is Pharmageddon for?

Commercial leaders must find new engagement paradigms for HCPs whilst empowering a more entrepreneurial workforce. In many cases headcount will be cut in 2023 and we will need much more from every retained role.

Medical affairs isn’t just going from support to strategic, it’s the nexus of data and decision-making. Medical leaders must set the scientific narrative and become the primary relationship-builders without compromising authenticity.

Marketing executives should consider omnichannel as the starting point for new narratives, inspiring both HCPs and patients to take responsibility and achieve a new standard of care.

Digital Health pioneers are the key to holistic healthcare in the modern age. But bringing impactful projects to life has more to do with strategy than sizzle if we are to really influence patient outcomes.