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William Hirst.

Content Writer.

We live in a fascinating time for life sciences. The fusion of new technologies and transformative working methods have the potential to drive pharma to heady heights.

But ours is a big, clunky industry. It’s tempting to resist change, to succumb to the temptation to preserve easy old working practices, to rely on the same stale ideas and to resist the need to self-reflect.

As Impatient Health’s chief report writer, I work with the research team to better understand the challenges that executives face, then communicate our findings in a clear, dynamic (and sometimes provocative) manner. I believe that frequent, honest assessment is key, and consider it essential that the complex, unwieldy world of pharma is better understood.

It might be uncomfortable; it might be radical. But it’s the only way we can construct the vital strategies necessary to drive real and permanent change for the sake of the one entity that powers all our enquiries: the patient.