Scott Williams - Heahshot

Scott Williams Head
Global Public Affairs
Rare Diseases

Anne Najjar - Heahshot

Anne Najjar Former Global Head
Patient Experience

Denise Palermo - Heahshot

Denise Palermo Managing Director
Intelligent Patient Solutions
Accenture Life Sciences

Sarah Krug - Heahshot

Sarah Krug Founder & CEO Health Collaboratory

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Moderated by Paul Simms Impatient Health

Understanding patients’ continuously evolving expectations and desires is more critical than ever in our new reality: learn how blending qualitative and quantitative patient data drives better patient experiences and outcomes—and how that translates to business success.

After all, “patient centricity” is more than just a buzzword. Every time your company engages a patient, it’s an opportunity to rethink and rebuild a smarter solution. Are you getting the most out of patient interactions? How are you connecting qualitative insights with quantitative data?

Unless you have an integrated organization that analyzes every insight AND your data analysis systemically informs strategic decision-making, chances are that you’re leaving a great amount of opportunity untapped. That isn’t just bad for patients: it’s bad for your bottom line.

In a world where 60% of health outcomes are derived from social factors, medication alone is not enough: life science companies must squeeze every ounce of insight from their robust patient data to improve healthcare experiences.

Join this free webinar to better understand how leading companies are reimagining patient experiences to drive better health outcomes—and business success.