Erik Janssen - Heahshot

Erik Janssen VP Global Digital Care Transformation Immunology UCB

Emma Sutcliffe - Heahshot

Emma Sutcliffe Global Patient Officer Ipsen

Michel Baes - Heahshot

Michel Baes Former Head of Healthcare Solutions EMEA Janssen

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Stefan Gijssels Chair Patient Expert Center

Johan Vermeiren Managing Partner Trilations

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Paul Simms Chief Executive Impatient Health

Most pharma companies have dedicated patient engagement teams, but how are their insights truly embedded in the company strategy? Do pharma companies have systems in place that enable rethinking of the access, marketing and commercial approach?

This webinar is designed to ensure that learnings from patient experience reach the upper echelons – by being identified, translated, communicated and understood in the hands of managers responsible for long-term horizon planning.

And with patient needs (and opportunities) shifting in the wake of better technologies, more innovative treatments, wider availability of health information – plus a number of ‘post-pandemic resets’, the opportunity to get this right is today.

We will reimagine how a company that develops true engagement plans will determine its patient-powered future. We will also determine which engagement metrics and/or leading indicators will ensure improvements in patient outcomes, sustainability of our revenue models, and partnership with health providers.

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