Bill Burns - Heahshot

Bill Burns Former CEO Roche Pharma

Iskra Reic - Heahshot

Iskra Reic EVP, Europe AstraZeneca

Pascale Witz - Heahshot

Pascale Witz Former CEO GE Healthcare and EVP Sanofi

Mike Ryan - Heahshot

Mike Ryan EVP, Europe EVERSANA

Paul Simms - Heahshot

Moderated by Paul Simms Impatient Health

Exploding the myths: how novel treatments can avoid complexity and commercialize with impact across the continent

Europe is open for business. Over 450 million people live here. So why aren’t we excited to launch new drugs?

Most consider the US the primary market for launch. Most think (and so do you, probably) that the EU just has too much red tape to be your ideal location.

But you’d be wrong. This webinar will show you how the landscape is changing in order that European states, en masse, will increasingly become a priority market for commercialization.

Join us for a fascinating journey as we debunk common roadblocks. You’ll discover emerging regulatory, HTA, access, data and commercial routes that will begin to open up this market. 

Understand what a successful post-pandemic launch should look like and determine the steps you need to take to get there. Learn which investments and partnerships will make the EU a land of opportunity.