Danie Du Plessis - Heahshot

Danie Du Plessis EVP Medical Affairs Kyowa Kirin

Lance Hill - Heahshot

Lance Hill Chief Executive Officer Within3

Rebecca Vermeulen - Heahshot

Rebecca Vermeulen VP Global Patient Networks, Product Development Medical Affairs Roche

Andreas Gerloff - Heahshot

Andreas Gerloff VP, Global Head of Medical Customer Excellence Bayer

Paul Simms - Heahshot

Paul Simms Chief Executive Impatient Health

Insights are like gemstones on the bed of a roaring river of data. But how often do we treat them like that? True insights are rare, and much more complex than is often thought. Properly embraced and correctly ordered, insights have the power to transform our strategies and address customer needs in ways that not even customers are aware of. The trouble is, this has always been a cumbersome, tiresome task…but is that changing thanks to technology?

In this session, we invite you to rediscover the value of insights, and reframe them as fascinating and essential drivers of strategy. Join us to discover how company transformation can be achieved by placing feedback directly into our workflows. We’ll delve into some real-life examples of how tangible outcomes have been achieved in this manner and take a fresh look at how AI can do more with what our customers tell us.

It’s time to take a closer look at how insights can be repurposed towards a new brand of customer centricity, for a better future for patients.