Paul Rowe - Heahshot

Paul Rowe Vice President, Head of Medical, Specialty Care Sanofi

Patrick Laroche - Heahshot

Patrick Laroche Vice President Medical Affairs, Operational Excellence Strategy EMEA J&J Innovative Medicine

Karsten Friedrich - Heahshot

Karsten Friedrich Head Medical Digital Innovation AstraZeneca

Emma Vitalini - Heahshot

Emma Vitalini Director, Global Medical Digital Strategy Amgen

Lance Hill - Heahshot

Lance Hill CEO Within3

Paul Simms - Heahshot

Paul Simms Chief Executive Impatient Health

Even the world’s best orchestra would be a mess of cacophonous noise without a conductor.

Right now, the information flow into our companies is a bit like this. A huge din of facts and figures with no priority or melody. And that din is only growing every day.

To be true maestros, we must embrace the new possibilities that technology and AI provide us. Only by allowing the latest solutions in insights reporting will we have any chance of finding that beautiful song in the middle of a riot.

This webinar will demonstrate how medical leaders can take control of the harmony, conducting resources with precision and agility, enabling decisions that are faster and more resonant with the needs of the healthcare and patients.

Let’s make some music.