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David Coman CEO Science 37

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Anup Kharode Partner, Life Sciences R&D PwC

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Uli Broedl Corp. SVP, Head of Global Clinical Development & Operations Boehringer Ingelheim

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Bari Kowal SVP, Head Development Operations & Portfolio Management Regeneron

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Paul Simms Chief Executive Impatient Health

Traditional or decentralized–is it a binary decision?

As the industry changes and evolves, we are continually asking what’s practical, what’s patient-centric, and what’s acceptable to regulators. Research has shown that every sponsor is looking for faster trial execution, reduced patient burden, and greater patient engagement/retention. Decentralization delivers key benefits, whether it be the whole trial or elements of the trial—but is the path of the future defined?

To succeed, our industry needs a combination of top-down trial design with bottom-up patient preference. The smartest industry leaders are prioritizing agile methods instead of one-track rigor, appreciating the nuance between decentralized and centralized – just like Netflix, we are moving to a combination single platform but with a personalized experience for every user.

Join this fireside chat to explore the path forward beyond the pandemic—uncovering how agile trials enable patient access, diversity, speed, retention, and experience. Discover how the alignment of language, terminology, and process is a reliable path to approval.